I’m Still Learning to Trust God With My Child

I'm Still Learning to Trust God With My Child- Faithtoraisenate.com - CharleneBullard.com - Purposedrivencharlene.com
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I have not arrived!

I have not arrived at the highest peak of trusting God with every single concern or issue in my life. I will admit it! At times, trusting God is difficult for me!

Over the years, I have had moments when I trusted God fully. There were times when I was certain that God was going to help me and my child. Knowing this gave me a good feeling, where I felt as if I was floating through the air, gliding on clouds of trust. I screamed from high in the sky, proclaiming that,“God is going to take care of me. God is going to do it.” My confidence in The Lord was so overwhelming that no one could stop me.

I also had moments where my trust in God was low, sometimes even non-existent. No matter how much I prayed, read the word, and shouted in praise, I could not find an ounce of trust in me. I would become frustrated and angry as I screamed out, “Where are you God?”

In those fluctuating times of trusting one minute and not trusting the next, I will say that my greatest challenges of trust were with my son. I have had times where I trusted God with Nate and times where it seemed impossible. Today, I will say it…..

 “I am still learning to trust God with my child.”

Just recently, I had one of those moments where I struggled to trust God. I wrote a post titled, When People Don’t Want to Care for Your Child With Behavior Difficulties, where I shared how at Nate’s residential home, I noticed that the staff was not taking an initiative to know him. After meetings where we discussed issues and plans for improvement were made, there was never a permanent change.

I angrily cried out to God, telling Him that I wanted Nate to move. I wanted my son in a different residential facility that was smaller and where he would receive more attention. I told God that I didn’t want six residents living with Nate anymore, but four. I demanded that God do something immediately, and if he did not, Nate was moving back home.

Here I was giving God an ultimatum. I had no right to do such a thing, because He is God, also because He has shown me throughout my life that He can be trusted. Yes! I could trust him, not because I read it in the bible a million times, but because I have many experiences where He has shown me that He is trustworthy.

And just like always, God proved Himself faithful about this problem. Recently, Nate moved into his new residential facility. It is a house, that has three residents, including Nate, not the four that I had prayed. I also see the staff willing to know Nate, as they are taking an initiative to build a rapport with him.

Once again, there goes God, showing me that I can trust Him.

One day, I will learn. One day, I will arrive.Faithtoraisenate.com - CharleneBullard.com - Purposedrivencharlene.com


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    You’re doing better than me because I definitely lack patience. Also when it comes to my brother I tend to be demanding, confrontational and aggressive and I feel No Guilt or Shame. And I never apologize for my behavior. But then again everyone’s personality is different. I want to see action so I have and will continue to call every last agency, organization, politician in New York to make sure that Stephen is properly cared for.

    • 2

      I do believe that God can allow your way of handling situations to work. God knows you! (I’m laughing). Trust me, I wanted to be the thought Mama Bear in this situation, but I didn’t want them to win. I saw another parent leave. I didn’t feel God telling me to do that, so I shut my mouth (begrudgedly), observed, and prayed in the mist of trying to trust God. Then He did what was needed. Deborah, it is not easy. Trust me, I haven’t arrived with full trust in God. One day I will – When I go to heaven. 🙂

  2. 4

    It is difficult to trust God in the hard times. I am not sure that any of us are able to fully trust God with our children all of the time. God honors our intention, and forgives our failure, I believe. God’s trustworthiness doesn’t change when our trust wavers.

    • 5

      Yes, I truly believe that too, that God knows our heart and honors our intentions. I think of the man who ask God to Help My Unbelief. Yesss, he had a heart to trust, but was having difficulty.

    • 7

      Thank so much for reading. Yessss! You are fight. Our faith, trust, and confidence in God is the building blocks of Christianity. We need to trust and believe in our savior and let it grow and flourish and become stronger. Thank you again.

  3. 8

    Trusting God seems like something we keep growing in as we face and surmount each challenge. My trust in God is tested when I want something fixed quickly and He has other plans. My human mind gets impatient but I am learning to trust him more. Thanks for sharing your story.

    • 9

      I definitely agree with you that “Trust grows in the face of challenges.” I am the same way, I learning to trust God in his plans that I know are definitely better for me. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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