How Much Do I Share About My Son With Special Needs?

How Much Do I Share About My Son With Special Needs? - - -
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Sharing one’s life with others is easy for some and difficult for others. For those who find it difficult, it is a struggle to open up about your hurt, pain, and embarrassing moments.

In the beginning of writing my book and blogging, I thought it would be easy to share my life of raising a son with special needs. Yet, as I wrote, I found that being vulnerable was a struggle. I questioned if people would understand my life, or if they would judge me, or not like me after reading what I shared. This fear was such a problem that I stopped blogging after a few months.

The struggle to share has lessened a little, as I blog more and continue working to complete my book, “Faith to Raise Nate.” However, concerns remain, which have caused me to remove or rewrite blog post or chapters of my book.

Yet, as the journey of blogging and writing my book moves forward, I am learning to trust God, in giving me direction on what to share. I pray for guidance and peace in opening up our life to others. And I am continuously seeing God work in me, as my uneasiness is fading and my confidence in my work is growing.

So if you don’t know what to share with others, seek God. Allow Him remove your fear and uneasiness. Trust Him to place His message in your heart to bless someone who needs it. - -


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