Honesty Comes out of Confrontation

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 “Sometimes Honesty comes out of Confrontation”.

Usually when people think of confrontation, they envision some type of stressful, angry meeting between two or more people. They think of unkind words spewing from one person’s mouth or a physical fight ensues. These feelings may leave one scared, and vowing to avoid confrontations altogether. Yet, I have realized that confrontation doesn’t need to be egregious.

Confronting an issue can be a loving and honest experience. It can be a place, where individuals come together to dialogue about an problem. In this meeting, a conversation may lead a person to self-reflection, where one will look at themselves introspectfully. Hopefully it will cause the person to seek help and make improvements or changes in their life.

Honesty isn’t pleasant, at times. However, it may be the factor that is needed to excavate the problems that are embedded deep in the rubble of our souls. Think of it as an archaeologist that is digging deep to unearth ruins that are under the earth’s surface. It may be the confrontation that you want to avoid or bypass, that will bring to light, those hidden concerns or issues that have been buried inside of you for years.

So, instead of running away to avoid confrontation, embrace it, look at it as an opportunity to be honest to transform your life for the better.

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