Should the HIGH PROBABILITY of Never Being a New York Times Best Seller, Stop You from Writing

Should the HIGH PROBABILITY of Never being a New York Times Best Seller, Stop You from Writing - - -
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Over the years, I have dreamed of being a full-time writer. And in my quest to write full-time, I have read many books, magazine articles, and I have listened to my share of interviews and podcast, on writing and the publishing industry.

In most of the information that I have gained, one thing that continues to stick in my mind, is that being published by a major publishing company and making a living as a writer is not easy. Yet, what is even nearly impossible is for a writer to become one that lands on the coveted, New York Times Best Seller list. This rarely happens for a writer.

That left me with the following question….

“If the odds are that, I will never become a well-known writer; make a enough money to write full-time; or an author who hits that New York Times Best Seller List, like James Patterson, Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, John Grisham, and the many others…. Then why do I write?”

Hummm! Good question!

Well, the answer is simple, I write because I love it. I actually enjoy sitting down and allowing the process to take place. I enjoy the creation of a story in my mind and how it develops as I write. I love the revising and editing steps that lead me to my final draft. I enjoy every step on the journey of completing my books, as well as my many post on my blog. It is a wonderful feeling.

And as I write, I would not be honest, if I said that I don’t aspire to locate an agent for my work to be presented to a publishing company that would allow my book to reach the masses. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want the success of those writers, listed above. And I would not be truthful, if I said that I don’t want to be on that coveted New York Times Bestseller list. I do! However, that is not my first priority.

My goal is to write, where I have an actual book in my hand. Also to blog to share my experiences. In doing this, I know one day I will be afforded the opportunity to spend my days writing full-time, to share my life and stories with the world.

That’s why I believe we as writers must WRITE. Not for the fame or glory, but because we love it. That love and passion will keep us writing, no matter if we reach that New York Times Bestseller list or not. - -

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    Peter Adewumi

    You have got it right from the beginning. Writing for the LOVE of it. Seek ye first the love of writing, and every other things will definitely there follow. Wishing you the best of writing experience, blogging, and success thereafter!

  2. 3

    You Never Know. Oprah may bring back her TV show just for the two of us! We can dream!! 🙂 😀

    Seriously I write and take photos because I Love to do both. My day job is how I make money. Throughout history most writers, artists and photographers have done the same. You need the day job to survive. Day job feeds the body. Passion feeds the soul.

  3. 5

    My husband wrote a book last year and published it through Amazon. He had fantasies of selling zillions. However, something much better happened. He ended up connecting with individuals who could benefit from the book and giving them one. So, you never know how God will use what you have written. (P.S. he carries spare copies in the car trunk for just such occasions.)

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