Happy Mother’s Day

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While Nate was swimming, a woman stopped me and said “Happy Mother’s Day. You are such a good mother.” Occasionally, I have people tell me that. I believe they think I’m “Good” because I am raising a child with special needs. However, I don’t categorize myself as such or, do I pridefully say that I’m a “good mother”. Honestly, I’m just doing what God has called me to do, which is to raise my son. I’m relying on the Holy Spirit to impart strength and wisdom daily, because without Him, I could not care for Nate, as it can be very difficult. So the “Good” within me, that is seen is not actually me, Charlene. NO! Not at all! It’s only my Heavenly and Divine Father working inside of me to help me. GOD gets all the GLORY! So, Happy Mother’s Day to every Mom that’s allowing our “Good God” to help them raise their children! ‪#‎NotbyMystrength‬ ‪#‎IttakesFaithtoRaiseNate‬

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