Happy Birthday Nate! Celebrating the Birthday of My Child with Special Needs

Happy Birthday Nate! Celebrating the Birthday of My Child with Special Needs - charlenewrites.com - charlenebullard.com - purposedrivencharlene.com
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Happy Birthday Nate!

Tomorrow is Nate’s birthday, however he doesn’t understand. Nate is deaf, blind, and intellectually disabled, which makes it difficult for him to understand the concept of birthday celebrations. Growing up, Nate never understood, however his father and I made sure that November 4, the day of his birth, was special for him.

Happy Birthday Nate! Celebrating the birthday of my child with special needs - Faithtoraisenate.com - CharleneBullard.com - purposedrivencharlene.com

To us, it doesn’t matter that Nate is unaware that he was born on that date. We are not concerned that he doesn’t understand that we are saying Happy Birthday to him, bringing him cards, gifts, and taking him out for a special dinner. It doesn’t bother us that he is unable to show happiness for what we do. We are not looking for Nate to say thank you or show his appreciation. Not at all!

For us, we celebrate Nate’s birthday because he is our son and we absolutely love him. He means so much to us. We celebrate that God has blessed us with another beautiful year with him. We celebrate that Nate is apart of our life and we appreciate the wonderful lessons God has allowed us to learn by being his parents.

So, once again, we say “Happy Birthday to our Nate!” We look forward to another year of seeing him grow and what God will do in our life.


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