God’s Strength to Care For Our Children

God’s Strength to Care For Our Children - Purposedrivencharlene.com - charlenebullard.com - charlenewrites.com
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Most days I wake up at 4am. I spend time with God, praying and reading my Word, before two hours of writing. I then prepare myself for work, an 8 hour day of teaching 11-12 year olds.

This week after work, there were two days of appointments, that made going home to rest, impossible. After the late night appointments ended, I navigated through the heavy work and holiday shopping traffic to see my son.

Once at his residential facility, I could see the happiness on Nate’s face. He held my hand, before I could take off my coat. We sat together, not doing our puzzle or game.  He just wanted to hold my hand.

After a while I helped him get ready for bed. He took a shower and placed on his pajamas, and then happily jumped in his warm bed. I sat on the edge as he continued to hold onto me, not wanting to let me go. I smiled as I watched him yawn and rub his eyes.  He soon fell asleep.

I pulled the blanket over him, then placed on my coat, to make my way home. A home that I hadn’t seen since 7:45am.

Gods strength to care for my child - Faithtoraisenate.com - charlenebullard.com - purposedrivencharlene.comAs I drove after the 9 o’clock hour, allowing the sound of music to fill the car, I realized that there was no tiredness. My body was not aching. I was not weary, and I am not drained of energy.

Instead there is an overwhelming feeling of strength that I know only comes from the Lord. He strengthens me and gives me what I need to start my day earlier and end it late after seeing my child.

God is our strength for us to care for our children  “He gives strength to the weary, And to him who has no might He increases power.” Isaiah 40:29

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