God will Always Take Care You Lessons I Learned Raising A Child With Special Needs

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When Nate was younger he would have these impatient “fits”. He would angrily cry as he flailed his arms and hands in the air, because I was taking too long to do something for him. Most of the time these episodes related to food and his desire to eat at the instant his stomach felt the pangs of hunger.

At 6, 7, or 8 years of age my child would turn into a mini Incredible Hulk if I took too long to prepare his food and bring it to the table for him to eat.

During one of his “fits”, I tried to calm him down, telling him that he was going to be fine and that he had to wait.  I even took his hands, so that he could feel me gesture the American Sign Language word for “wait.”.  Yet, Nate continued to be angry.  He was only settled, when I placed his food in front of him and he was finally eating.  This caused him to smile and dance in his seat in utter contentment.

As he ate, I rubbed his back as I said to him….“You see, all that fussing was for nothing, doesn’t Mommy always take care of you?”  Of course he didn’t respond, but it was absolutely true.  I always made sure that my son had what he needed and what he wanted.

A few months later, as I was taking care of a problem and praying for God to help me, I became overly impatient and anxious.  Just like Nate, I was having an adult-type “fit”, as I asked God….”what is taking so long and when will you do want I am asking?”

It was at that moment that I could hear the the same conversation that I had with Nate months ago.  “You see, all that fussing was for nothing, doesn’t Mommy take care of you?” Now I replaced Mommy with God.

“You see, all that fussing was for nothing, doesn’t God always take care of you?”

And I smiled, as I quietly told myself…… “He surely does.” God Always Takes Cares for Us.

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