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I recently began volunteering in the special needs ministry at church.  I was excited to start my first day and get to know the children and families. I walked around reintroducing myself to the children that I had met on my first interest meeting with the leader of the ministry a few weeks earlier. The children greeted me with their beautiful smiles, as they welcomed me to their class.

Not long after the introductions, the praise and worship video played, and I found myself signing (ASL) along with the video. After the songs, the teacher began the video lesson of the day, titled “God has a plan.” I watched with the children as the speaker, shared the story of Joseph being thrown into a pit by his brothers, then sold, then interpreted the king’s dream, and was later placed in a position where he saved millions of people. “Although it didn’t look like it,” the speaker said, “God had a plan for Joseph’s life and He has one for you.”

After the short video teaching and a few words by the teacher on God having a plan, I sat with the students as I watched them complete an activity and enjoy their snack. As the message was shared throughout our time, I looked at the children, with all their different needs. I also thought about my son, and how sometimes it does not look as if God has a plan for everyone. It may seem that God’s plan are only for the able-bodied and mentally sound, but that is not true. God has a plan for everyone, no matter if you are disabled or not.

While I raised my son, it took me a while to understand this fact.  It wasn’t until later that I realized that God has a perfect plan for all of us, every single human being on this earth. It is a plan that will work out for our good and bring Him the glory that He deserves.

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