Giving Grace to My Son With Behavior Difficulties

Giving Grace to My Son With Behavior Difficulties - - -
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Giving Grace to My Son With Behavior Difficulties

A few months ago, Nate was home from his residential facility. We went swimming and then came home to relax. Nate seemed to enjoy the rest, as he laid down and I sat next to him reading my book.

As the day moved on, Nate became annoyed and irritated, so I rubbed his back to make him feel better. He moved my hand as he didn’t want me to bother him, but I continued to rub his back to make him feel better. Obviously, I did not understand that he didn’t want me to touch him, because he reached up and grabbed my hair. He pulled it so hard, that my hair came out from my scalp. It was painful. Although the incident happened rather quickly, I could hear the light sound of my hair tearing away from my head. I immediately got up and walked to the bathroom where I looked in the mirror to my horror.

I took deep breaths as I noticed my long loc detached from my scalp.  The sight of it, made it even more painful. I stood there for a few minutes looking at the patch of missing hair on my head. I studied it, as I wondered how I was going to hide it from myself and from others who would ask me questions.

For a while, I continued to look at my hair, positioning it in different styles, trying to obscure the small bald spot. After a while, I realized I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t even cry as I began to think about Nate.

“Nate doesn’t understand.”
“Nate doesn’t know any better.”

So, I returned to sitting next to my son.  I picked up my book.  This time I left him alone.

I forgave him.

God’s Grace…. - -



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    K E Garland

    Wow! Now this is a lesson…a Word! You have literally experienced what many of us go through emotionally, without physical pain. I love this because this is what I think we’re supposed to do, whether someone understands what they’ve done or not. I really believe we’re supposed to have compassion, forgive, offer grace, and not dwell. But how many of us get our hair pulled out (figuratively) and hold on to that memory and experience? Thanks so much for sharing this Charlene.

    • 9

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Yes, as you said “no dwell.” Dwelling on an offense is easy for us to do, not giving grace. I haven’t arrived, but I am still learning. Hopefully, I’m having more success than not. 🙂

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