Gift Ideas For A Child With Special Needs

Gift Ideas For A Child With Special Needs - - -
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Every Christmas season my family and friends would ask me the following questions…

“What can I get Nate for Christmas?”
“What does he like?

Many times, I couldn’t answer the questions, because I also, had no idea what to buy my child for Christmas.

Recently, I shared my difficulty with toy shopping for Nate. It was not a good experience in the beginning.  So, when people asked questions about what to buy Nate, it bothered me, as I would try to come up with gift ideas, but I never felt as if those ideas were fitting for my son.

Through the years, every time someone asked what this question, it continued to bother me. It was nerve-wrecking trying to figure out what someone could buy my child. Then after a while, I realized that I needed to stop making this a difficult decision. I had to give people an answer, and allow them to bless my child as they were asking. So, I came up with a list of options.

1- Gift Cards – Yes, Gift cards! I know they have a bad reputation.  Some people don’t like them and criticize them as being less than thoughtful. People feel that the giver of a gift card didn’t take time or make an effort in deciding on a gift. They consider it the,“easy” way out. However, I must disagree.
Gift cards are great! They can be used now or later to purchase whatever is needed for the child. Over the years, Nate has received many gift cards that I have used to buy him clothes, toys, and other things to make him happy. So, don’t ignore gift cards. They are a great gift.

2- Money – Money, like gift cards, also receives a “bad rap.”
Money is a great gift because it can purchase things for the child or it can be added to a special needs trust fund.  Money can go a long way, and if saved, it will be the gift that keeps on giving, with accrued interest.

3- Purchase activities – One of the best gifts that I have given to family members was paying for activities. One child wanted basketball lessons and another wanted swimming lessons. This is definitely a great gift for my child, because he loves swimming, going to the beach, and more. Purchasing activities is not only a blessing for the child, but for the parents as it helps to defray the cost of an activity.

Having these suggestions have been great.  Knowing how to answer this question has worked well for those who want to buy Nate a gift. It has also helped me to stop worrying about what someone can buy Nate. Instead, I can be happy knowing that people care about my son enough to be a blessing to him during the holidays. - -


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    clutterfreelifestyle solutions

    Charlene, great gift ideas all across the board. I think that it makes a lot of sense to give gifts that the receiver has a purpose for instead of just wrapping up a gift just because. Unwanted, unused gifts often become clutter, or they have a tendency of making a person feel guilty when returning it to the store, selling it at a yard sale, donating it to a charity, or deciding to re-gift it.

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