Friends – How Many of Us Have Them?

Friends How Many of Us Have Them
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Friends – How Many of Us Have Them?

This question was not proposed by me, but from that old-school rap group of my childhood, Whodini. This melody and chorus happily played in my head as I thought about my friends and decided to write this article.

So, to answer their question, “Friends – How many of us have them?” I can happily say…

“YES! Yes, I have friends!”

The group of woman who I have been blessed to have in my life are true friends, however, they are more like sisters.  We have been sister/friends for years. Among this group is my longest friendship, of 30+ years.  These ladies, I am proud to say, are my closest confidants. They pray with me and for me, they encourage me, cry with me, sympathize with me, give me godly advice and wisdom, they root for me, want the best for me, and they also correct me, not wanting me to go down the wrong path.

Can I say that they have attributed to the person that I am today? Absolutely! Without them, and our close interaction, I would not be the person that I am today. And to them, I am grateful.

And as I write this, I can’t help to think about those people who swear against friendships. People who believe that being alone is better, than sharing their life with another person. Or people who have been hurt and deceived by those who they thought were friends.  I sympathized with you.

Many of us, have been hurt by people who we have considered to be a friend. However, that should NOT make us harbor resentment or believe there are no genuine people in the world, that we can trust to be a friend.

We need friendships in our life. We were not born to “all by ourself”, (as the song sings) “alone”, or an island. “No man is an island.”

So I hope and pray that everyone can find those genuine friendships. Friendships that are filled with love, compassion, respect, truth, wisdom, honor, and correction. Friendship that will last you a lifetime.Charlene


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    This is so true. May I humbly add to have friends one must be a friend and friendly.

    One of the Blessings in my workplace is meeting people from all races and religions. Something that God brought home to me in the 9 years I’ve worked at the museum is the God’s Love is expressed through people no matter culture or belief system. In 2012 I had prayed for someone who would help me better understand a specific situation going on in my life at that time. Shortly there after I met my Japanese Buddhist friend. Her friendship has changed my life and opened my eyes in many ways. She has stuck by me in many trials and the worst of my life.

    Through her I met many wonderful Japanese people at her Temple and I became a Member (no you are not required to convert. Buddhism although a religion is more of a philosophy on how to be a better more compassionate you). I was embraced as a human being. I can’t attend all the services but when I come back I am greeted with smiles, hugs and love.

    I am also very close to my Hindu and Muslim girlfriends. It’s like having another family. I see God in all these Ladies. God’s revelation to me was to see the Lord in other faiths and other people. For that I am grateful.

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      Amen!! Thank you for sharing. I should have used that scripture “making oneself a friend.” Yes, I love meeting people from other backgrounds and cultures. It allows me to learn about their life and to gain a new perspective. I love learning, especially when it’s from other people.

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