Forget About Finding a Niche

Forget about Finding a Niche - - -
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“Find Your Niche!”

Before I joined the millions of bloggers in the “Blogosphere,”  I heard the resounding phrase, “Find Your Niche.” So of course, I went about finding my niche.

I researched and read articles on the meaning of a niche and how to find my own.  I even went to a WordPress WordCamp Conference, to hear  from “experts” in the technology and blogging community to increase my knowledge. It was at one of these conferences where a woman gave a speech about “finding your niche.” She explained that a niche was that one thing that you are good at. It is that special talent or personality trait that you work on and it will work for you. She ended with the following phrase,

“Find what you do and do it.”

When I left her presentation, with the mental notes in my head, I asked myself the following questions…

“What is your niche?”
“What is your specialty?”

At that moment, I felt a little lost.  I didn’t know. So, I looked at my life.

“Well, I’m a single mom, I have a child with special needs, I write, I am completing my book(s), I love reading, I’m a teacher, I like gardening, and taking vacations.”

I then thought about what could be my main focus. Perhaps I could hone in on the special needs part, as I do have a heart and a burden for moms like me, those whom are raising their children with special needs. Yet, I also sharing God, my writing journey, books I’ve read, lessons I’ve learned in life, teaching, and more.

That’s when the next question appeared, “Do people need to select one thing on their blog and let that be the only thing that they talk about?”

This was puzzling to me.  Most of the experts would say yes, but I decided that it was a, “No” for me.  I was not going to pick one thing and let that be my niche. I was going to write.  Just write.

So, that is exactly what I do.  I write what inspires me, those things that touch my heart and soul, and the things that can help someone else. I write whatever God leads me to say.

So, if you are struggling to find your perfect niche, stop looking for it. Don’t waste precious time. Just move forward doing what you are good at. Trust me, when you do, you will find your niche along the way. - -

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