Finding The Motivation To Keep Going, When You Are In a Slump

Finding the motivation to keep going when you are in a slump -
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Writing can be difficult. Many writers will attest to times when they fall into a slump. They may feel as if they have nothing to write about or that the work they are producing is not satisfying. These times can cause a writer to either keep on writing as they push through the feelings or they become discouraged, where they stop writing altogether.

This was exactly how I was feeling a few weeks ago. I was writing, but there was definitely some feelings where I was unhappy with my work. I was sitting in my chair fidgeting as the computer screen was blank and my mind drifted off onto other things. I knew immediately that I needed some motivation or I would give up and stop writing altogether. So I turned to my playlist on Youtube titled “Charlene’s Motivation”. There I have a brevity of motivational speeches to help battle the problem of discouragement. Below are the ones that helped me battle my problems.

1 – Denzel Washington – This nearly 17 minute montage of Denzel Washington’s top 10 Rules for Success is amazing. There is some rich advice from the two-time Academy Award winning actor, from “working hard”, “aspire to make a difference” and my favorite…“It’s not healthy to concern yourself with what people think”. Every time I watch this or let it play while I am moving around my house, I am truly inspired.


2- Les Brown – There are numerous clips or full speeches from this wonderful motivational speaker on Youtube. There is probably 365 days worth of encouragement for daily motivation. I’ve watched my share, however the one below is amazing.  Here, Mr. Brown speaks of “motivating yourself”, “going after what you want”, and “being the person that you want to be”.  This 33 minute video, was a big help in putting of fire under my bottom, causing me to write.



3 – Viola Davis – This last dose of motivation, I received was during the live telecast of the Academy Awards. It is amazing that I saw this, because I don’t usually watch award shows, as they stay on too late for me, well past my bedtime. Yet, I am so happy that I caught her acceptance speech for Best Support Actress for her amazing performance in Fences.  As she spoke, I was inspired by the tears in her eyes as she spoke of the great playwright August Wilson.  She thanked him for writing stories about people. Just those words, were inspiring to me as a writer, because that is exactly what I want to do, write stories about people and to inspire people.

So, no matter what we are doing in life and a slump comes, because it will, remember we all need a little motivation. Take some time to motivate and encourage yourself, to help you stay on track to reach your goals.


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