Finding Balance Raising My Child Lessons I Learned Raising A Child With Special Needs

Finding Balancing raising my Child - Lessons I learned raising a child with special needs -
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“You need to find balance,” I heard screamed from a talk show the moment I turned on the television. I sat down on the sofa, now enthralled in the remaining minutes of the program, holding onto every word.  When it ended, I knew that I had turned on my television at the right time because that message was for me to see.

I must admit, at the time of seeing that program, my life was an extreme juggling act. Of course I was raising Nate, which came with numerous responsiblities. However, I also worked full-time and I was taking classes a few days a week. At the end of the work and school day, I would land home, extremely tired, wondering when this would all end.

There was no balance, no sense of harmony, no list of priorities, or organization in my life. I had a routine, but it desperately needed to be refined and simplified.  So in my attempt to become more balanced, I decided that I needed to be more organized and have a daily schedule.

I always thought that I was somewhat organized.  I prepared our clothing for the week or set our things out the night before, however that was not enough, I needed more.  So, I decided to to implement other routines, such as cooking for the week, eliminating a class at night, and saying “NO” to people or request to do things, when I knew it would not give me time with Nate or the opportunity to complete those things that were more of a priority.

As I continued restructuring my life and making a daily schedule, I realized that for me to have balance, I had to make God the first priority of my day. I had to wake up before the sunrise and devote time to prayer and reading my Word.   That is only when I began to see that  my days were running seamlessly, without all the chaos that once engulfed me. It was there that I learned that balance for me, comes from God.

To this day, I have continued with what I learned, which is that when I place God first, He will balance me.  When He is ahead of everything, there will be harmony and organization to help me raise my child and to complete every task in my life.


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