Fight For Government Healthcare For Our Children with Special Needs

Fight for Government Healthcare For Our Children with Special Needs - - -
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Since Nate was born, we have been blessed to have healthcare for him. There were times that he was under my employer’s insurance plan and currently, he is under his father’s insurance plan. At the time of this blog post, he is able to stay under his coverage (unless they repeal it) until he is 26 years of age.

In addition, to having this coverage, Nate has always had government insurance as a secondary. This coverage is needed for supplies or services that the primary/employer’s insurance does not pay.

When I think of it, not having the secondary insurance, would have been stressful. It would have been a financial burden to us in caring for Nate’s needs. God knows, I CAN’T afford all the medical treatments, medications, surgeries, behavioral assessments, and more for my child.

I realized this one day, I mistakenly received a bill from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for services that were provided. When I opened the envelope and unfolded that paper, then noticed the astronomical amount that was billed to me (by a mistake), I couldn’t help but praise God for insurance. There was no way I could afford to pay that amount. Not at all! And there is nothing against The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, I love them, it is just that medical care is costly wherever you receive services.

And like me, many parents with children with special needs have the same issue. They may or may not have a primary insurance, and  government insurance is needed. They too have a child with complexities that require a lot of medical care.

Yet, with all the talk of cutting benefits, it is concerning that parents may not have access to coverage that is needed.

Let me interject here, to say that I am not writing this with a political agenda. I am not sharing my views on a particular political party. That is not what my blog is about (so don’t comment or inbox me about that). My blog is about many things, but the number one reason I post is to share my experience, in hope of helping a parent of a child with special needs.

As parents of children with medical concerns, we need to fight, advocate, and demand, for healthcare. We can’t allow the government to take it away. If we don’t stand up for our children, they will be the ones to suffer.

So call, write, or knock on the office door of your congress person. Or if you can, go to your state capital with your voice and demands.

Do what is required (legally of course) to protect our children from the government taking away the medical coverage they need and deserve. - -


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    Thanks for this timely post. On point. Several years ago I received some of Stephen medical bills and I nearly passed out.

    There was no way I could afford to pay. Thank God for Medicare and Medicaid plus SSI. Those programs are life savers. Like you I fight for Stephen. ♡
    Yes we need to keep our elected officials on speed dial and message them often. Also meet them in person when possible.

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    I wish that things didn’t have to personally happen to our representatives to have them have empathy for the rest of us. I am most grieved by “Christian” lawmakers who seem never to have read the Gospel, “whatsoever you do to the least of these, you do to me.”

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    Cathy Lynn Brooks

    I live in Canada where we have federal health care but ONLY if you have a full-time job. My daughter had Bipolar and held down two and sometimes three part-time jobs with no benefits. She needed her medication so she could function and work. It’s a struggle for so many people.

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