The Fear of Tweeting #Metoo

The Fear of Tweeting #Metoo - - -
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I am afraid!


Because, I find it difficult to share my story.

If I do, I will have to conjure my memories. My awful memories, that have been deeply stored……pushed far away inside my soul.

I will have to bring them back to utter the words “me too.”

I am afraid that sharing intimate details of that day will bring comments and questions from many. Such as, the rude comments I have heard from people who are watching the horrible deeds of men of power, finally come out of the dark…….. exposed by the light.

People and onlookers say…..

“Why didn’t the women speak up?”
“Why didn’t the women tell someone?”
“It was a long time ago?”
“What was she wearing?”
“Why was she alone with him?”
“Are you sure it was rape?”
“He didn’t do it!”

And the one that I consider the worst of them all…

“I don’t believe them, they are lying.”

“I don’t believe YOU. YOU are lying.”

I don’t believe….as if I am creating a story or fabricating a lie, to seek attention or sympathy from the world. I would not do such a thing.

So, I share my hashtag “me too” to say. I am a victim of someone who used force to take from me what I told him he could not have.

Although it occurred over twenty-five years ago, and the fear of others and their comments, like the ones above, has stopped me from speaking……….It doesn’t negate the fact that, it happened to me.

It happened to me.

I am one of the many that are typing…..#metoo. - -










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    #MeToo MeToo

    I don’t share the intimate private personal details of the domestic violence I went through. Me Too is used between survivors to acknowledge that you are not alone. I too suffered the Victim Blame. It was as though as I was at fault instead of the abuser. And that was just one of the abusers.

    Close to 40 years ago when I was serving in the Army I was raped by soldier who went on to become a pastor/preacher. I knew because I had the misfortune to meet him again at a community business church meeting 20 years later and he wanted to rape me again. Now you see why I stay away from these Pimps in the Pulpit. Even after 40 years it still brings back horrible memories but I had to compartmentalize what happened otherwise I would not be able to live.

    Fortunately I don’t hate men nor do I believe that all men are abusive Neanderthals. However I am more cautious and less inclined to become involved in a romantic relationship. I look for those Red Flags. I believe if we all gather courage and enough of us speak up maybe the next generation of women will not have to go through what we went through.

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      Wow Deborah! Thank you for sharing. I truly understand your caution about relationships. As you said, the more women that speak up, I pray that it will help those in the future to know how to react and or what to do when this occurs to them….because sadly, it will. 🙁

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