Faith to Raise Nate

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When I was at the Thanksgiving Day parade I noticed a woman seemingly annoyed with her child. The little girl was in a medical stroller/wheelchair and appeared to have special needs. She was making noise, and the Mom was shaking the stroller/wheelchair as she told her to be quiet. I really wanted to go over to her and give her encouragement, offer her help, ask to pray for her, and exchange numbers. Yet, in all the busyness and movement of the people, performers, and me chaperoning I couldn’t walk over to her and say anything.

I wish I could because that woman reminded me of me years ago, when Nate was that age. I can see myself trying to stop his noise, annoyed that he was too loud. I was a mess. I wish someone would have talked to me, prayed, or asked for my number.

Over the years I’ve prayed for the opportunity to connect to a mom or moms. Prayerfully I can do that via this blog or however God chooses.

“Just use me Lord for your GLORY to share how You continue to build my FAITH, TO RAISE NATE!”

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