Am I A Failure If My Blog Has No Traffic?

Am I A Failure If My Blog Has No Traffic? - - -
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From the moment I started to blog, my concern has been my visitors and my views. Of course, I cared about my writing content, because as we all know…

“Content is King.”

However, like most people who blog, I thought that visitors and views were the “end all and be all” of the blogging world. And when you think of it, that is all that people talk about and write about when you look into blogging advice. These are some of the titles you will read….

“How to get visitors?”
“Increasing your Blog Traffic.”
“Bring People to your Blog”
“How I Increased My Blog Traffic.”

I think the majority of bloggers have some sort of topic about traffic and its significance.

So the question that I proposed to myself and other bloggers is,

“Are we failures if our blogs have no traffic?”

Well, I think experts on blogging would say YES, indeed.  You are a failure.   Yet, do I thing you and I are failures?

The answer to that question is NO! No, we are not failures.

How can someone be a failure? Especially if you are doing the following….

You are blogging.
You are writing.
You are posting.
You are sharing your work.
You are still here, and working hard at it, after so many bloggers have packed their blogs up in a suitcase and left.

Failure is what you define as failure.
Failure is not what “expert bloggers” tell you is failure.
And I would say, as long as you are still blogging and you have one person reading your blog (and that could be your Mama), you have not failed.

Remember, the one who failed is the one who gave up, because they had no traffic and they were afraid to keep blogging to make traffic happen. - -

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    Well, you know what I will say already! It’s not how many get counted, it’s how many count. WordPress stats are all about numbers. I pay attention to thoughtful comments. And it is certainly like the sower who goes out to plant–who knows what will take root?

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    Jan D

    Charlene, I, for one, enjoy your blogs. As you stated above, about people remembering your blogs long after reading them & also, being positively being influenced by them, I am one of those people. I applaud you for your work and “keep on blogging”.

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