“Enjoy Life” Lesson I Learned Raising A Child With Special Needs

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There was a time when I was raising Nate and I wasn’t enjoying life.  It seemed to be moving in many different directions and I could not catch up.  There were my duties as a mother, full time employee, and I was a part-time student. It was all extremely overwhelming. I felt as if my head was slowly going underwater, as I fought to keep myself from drowning. To say I was tired, was an understatement.

As the months and years dragged on, I felt as if there was no excitement in our life. We were always “doing” and never having any fun. So, after deciding to make the appointment less stressful, I committed myself to no longer filling my summers with accelerated classes that snatch my time away from Nate.  My son had to be my top priority.

That was the best decision that I could have made. That summer, we traveled south to the beach. During this trip, I was able to stop thinking about the millions of things that I needed to do and only concentrate on my child. In focusing on Nate, I was able to see well beyond his medical and behavior needs and  understand that my son, needed to have fun as well. Life wasn’t only about those things.

And as we the days went by, I realized that the entire vacation was a blessing.  I watched my son, enjoy the time with his grandmother and cousin, while laying on the beach, or enjoying the indoor waterslide and lazy river on the property of the hotel. It was great.

Yet, it was the moment that Nate discovered the hot tub that became the symbol of that vacation. I still smile and laugh when I look at pictures of my son, placing his hands in the hot tub, and becoming happy, as he gestured me to allow him to get inside. After much coaxing by him, I let Nate get in, for a few minutes, which made him laugh uncontrollably. This is when I realized that this was the most important thing – Nate having fun.

This was my lesson…. Yes, life is consuming and we all have busy and hectic schedules, but we all need to stop and make time to enjoy our children and have fun.

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