Don’t Limit Yourself Lessons I Learned Raising a Child With Special Needs

Don't Limit Yourself - Lessons I learned raising a child with special needs -
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Early after Nate’s birth, I placed limitations on my life. I figured, since Nate required a lot of medical attention and care, it would be nearly impossible for me to pursue my dreams. I told myself there was no way that I could work full-time or pursue a career that I wanted. I also believed that going back to school was never going to be an option for me.

That belief took over me, as I fantasized and dreamed about my future, carrying the understanding that I needed to let those dreams go, because I was never going to attain them.

After sharing my thoughts, I was encouraged by a friend to take one class. I pondered it for a few, then decided that I would give it a try. So with childcare in place, I registered for one class. Although it was difficult the long sessions and nights of studying, after that class ended, I continued by taking more courses, until I completed my degree program.

This was great, yet I continued to allow the thoughts and beliefs that I could not do more to stop me from pursuing my dreams.  With all my son’s medical concerns, I didn’t believe that I could change jobs, because my employer knew my needs and was flexible with me taking off from work when required. I also didn’t pursue writing, because I didn’t feel it was going to help me provide for my son.

Yet, as my heart longed to do those things, God began to allow me to see, that He had provided a way for me to go to school and He would do more.   I didn’t have to place limitations on myself. If it was the will of God, it would happen.

And that was my lesson.  I needed to stop placing limitations on my life, and trust that God would provide me with all the resources and favor that was needed to do whatever He was calling me to do. Having a child with special needs did not limit me, because God’s purpose is boundless.


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