Don’t Let REJECTION Stop You From Writing

Don’t Let REJECTION Stop You From Writing -
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Rejection can be hard! I know first hand.

Years ago, I sent a query letter to a well-known magazine. I was excited as I typed and printed my brief pitch of an article idea, requesting to have it published in their magazine. I waited for a few weeks, which moved into months. Then one day, I opened the mail, and there was my self-addressed stamped envelope. Inside was my letter that I sent, with a note attached, stating that my article was not what they were looking for.

Then about a year ago, I sent a few emails to literary agents requesting representation for my book. I followed the strict requirements of what they needed to consider my work. I waited for a few weeks into months, then I realized as their website read, if I didn’t receive a response within 60 days, it meant that they were not interested. They were not.

Then just about a few months ago, I sent two articles to a website, hoping to be a guest blogger. The articles that I submitted, were strong and great work, however they didn’t feel the same. I received a message that they were not going to use them for their website.

I will be honest, those rejections left me hurt, sad, and discouraged. It made me stop and wonder, if my work was good enough. I questioned was I the writer that I believed myself to be. Did I have the skills that it took to have my work published and to be compensated?

“Do I have what it takes?” I screamed toward heaven, then placing my head down, feeling low.

Yet at that moment, I could feel something telling me to go on. To keep writing. Don’t stop. Don’t give up. So I continued to write.

Then a few months later, I happened to be perusing the internet. I enjoy searching for authors and reading about their journey and experiences, especially how their books were published. It inspires and encourages me. This day as I was reading, I happened to stumble, across an article about author, Kate DiCamillo, who wrote the hugely successful book, The Tale of Despereaux. Prior to having her first book published, Because of Winn-Dixie, she was reject 423 times.

I read that article feeling encouraged, not just by the small amount of rejections I received comparative to her number. No, I was encouraged that she continued to write after those 423 rejections. It didn’t stop her, but she continued to write.

And I have decided that nothing will stop me either. I will keep writing and writing, no matter how many rejection letters, I receive.

I will write, no matter how many people tell me that my work is not what they are looking for.

I will write, no matter how many literary agents don’t respond to my emails.

I will not stop writing.

I will continue to write, and send my work out for publication.

I will keep doing it, until I receive the answer, that I am looking for. - -

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