Don’t Give Up…Keep Running Toward Your Goals

Don't Give up...Keep Running Toward your Goals -
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2014 was the first year I ran in the Broad Street Run. This race is held in Philadelphia and is the largest, annual 10 mile run in the country. About 40,000 people participate, running from one side of the city to the other, ending at the Naval Yard in South Philadelphia, to their victory.

When I learned that I had been selected in the lottery to be one of the thousands, I was overjoyed. I had already started to train, however once I received confirmation that I was chosen, I amped up my practice. A few days a week, I worked hard, increasing my running mileage. Soon, I was ready for the day when I would complete my 10 mile run down Broad Street.

On the day of the race as my corral began to move, an excitement came over me, as the music played in my ears. Soon I was reaching 2 miles, then 4, then 5, and coming around Center City, looking up at the statue of William Penn that overlooks the city. However, when I reached Broad & Washington, which is about the 6 mile mark, my body was becoming tired. I wanted to stop. Then when I hit the 7 mile mark, I could feel the pain within my body as the voice of onlookers encouraged us to keep going. I wanted to stop and give up, but my mind knew that it couldn’t and I needed to keep going, until I reached the finish line.

My quest to complete that race is analogous to my goal of writing full-time. In the beginning, when I began this journey, I was excited. I would spend 3, 4, or sometimes 5 hours a day writing. Waking up to write from 5-7am, then coming home from work to write for another 2-3 hours was easy for me. Yet, just like my first Broad Street Run, I started off great, but after a while, my body wanted to give up and stop.

Writing has it’s difficult moments, just like running in a race. In the beginning, I was happy to start, as a euphoric feeling filled me. Yet, as I wrote for hours, the pain started to kick in. There was the anguish of feeling that I was not producing any work. I was not satisfied with my writing, and the completion of my project seemed so far away. However, just like my race, I needed to push through my pain. I had to kill the thoughts of stopping and I had to keep moving. I had to know, just like that Broad Street Run that I would eventually reach the finish line, and I will do the same with writing.  I will eventually reach my goal, becoming a full-time writer.

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    God bless your running! I only ever ran one 5k and that was enough for me. Writing for me is like prayer: sometimes I feel like it and sometimes I don’t. But I keep doing both. The results are not often immediate. Sometimes only in retrospect can we see what has happened. Keep writing.

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