Don’t Feel Guilty For Being A Stay-At-Home Mom And Raising Your Child With Special Needs

Don’t Feel Guilty For Being A Stay-At-Home Mom And Raising Your Child With Special Needs - - -
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A few days ago, I wrote and posted an article titled, “The Guilt of Having to Work and Not Stay Home to Raise My Child With Special Needs.” I started that article months ago, as I had been wondering if staying home would have been better than working.

As things always happen, I was driving, while listening to one of my favorite financial podcast, where a woman shared her guilt for not being able to work.  She is a stay-at-home Mom for her son who had Autism.

Wow! I thought. What a contrast! Where I was feeling guilty about working, this mom was feeling guilty about staying home. As I listened to this woman, I could not help, but to feel a tinge of conviction for my own feelings.

I must say that I believe that this woman is blessed beyond measure. She is home, able to provide her son with the help that he needs, which is a blessing to him. I must also say that we parents who are able to work outside of the home are blessed as well.

I truly believe that God provides our needs. If we have to earn an income outside of the home, He will give us the strength that is required. The same if we are home, caring for our children. God will provide for our necessities and more.

We must STOP allowing guilt to invade our mind, whether for being a stay-at-home mom or working outside of the home. Instead, we must trust and believe that we are in the right place and doing the very best for our children. - -


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    Wow! I wish all my financial needs were provided for so that I could stay home. My job cuts into my time with Stephen and over the last 9 years I’ve missed out on holidays meetings. Therefore the Residence can make decisions without my input. Having a job is a Blessing in terms of paying rent and bills but working has destroyed my social life and left me less and less time to spend with Stephen. It is horrible when he gets sick or there is some other problem and I cannot be there. Since I don’t drive I’m stuck relying on other people. To me the real Blessing lies in being financially stable and being able to take care of your loved ones. I’ve yet to get to that point.

    • 2

      Yes, being able to provide financially is such a blessing. I have been blessed to care for Nate. I understand it being horrible, Nate had a medical issue that required him to go to the doctor, I’m happy, I was able to bring it to the attention of the staff, because I’m not sure they would have noticed it. I love that I can work, but I wish that I had more freedom to check up on him.

  2. 3

    Another reason I wish I could be rich/wealthy and stay at home is I’d have more control over Stephen’s overall care. Let’s face it if the Group Home knows you work and cannot get days off they are going to make decisions that are best for them. I can’t tell you how many knock down drag out screaming, yelling verbal arguments I’ve had with his Residence Managers over the last 3 years. It’s been a horrible experience that could have been avoided if I only had money. Finally last Friday after attending a meeting at Stephen’s Training Center and hearing about the cut backs I knew I was beaten and there was nothing else I could do to make the situation better especially since my own health is getting worse. Yes Staying at Home would have improved my health and my ability to have more interaction with my brother.

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      Wow! I’m sorry you’ve had to go through that.

      You are right, I truly believe that group homes try to do what is in their best interest.

      I’m glad Stephen has you as an advocate. I love your tenacity and the way you help you son, in spite of your medical concerns. He is bless to have you in his corner. 🙂

  3. 5

    I do it all for my brother Stephen. Yet I’m tired, exhausted and burnt-out. Tomorrow I have to see the doctor. Dreading that. I think I will ask my doctor for an inhaler since I’m frequently out of breath. My job has taken a toll on my health.

    I also dread any encounters that I must have with the Group Home Residence. The only reason I kept a civil tongue in my head last Friday was that Stephen was present and I needed information from them. Age is finally catching up with me and I have neither the patience or energy to deal with people who don’t have my best interests at heart.

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