Don’t Be Distracted By Other Fish In The Sea

Don't Be Distracted By Other Fish In the Sea - - -
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At times, it is easy to become distracted while we are pursuing our goals. We remove our eyes from what we are doing and we look at others, those “fish in the sea,” who are doing the same thing.  As we look, we become discouraged, filled with doubt and fear, which causes us to stop pursuing our dream.  I should know, this happened to me.

Not to long ago, when I began writing query letters for representation for my book, I became distracted. One section of the proposal required me to list authors and books that were on the same topic.  As I researched, I found a number of people who had written about raising children with special needs. I immediately became worried and concerned that my book would not be published because there were other books on the same topic.

This feeling of fear, also occurred when I began blogging.  As I read other blogs by parents of children with special needs, I became weary. Questions ran through my mind……

Why would people want to read my book and my blog?
What would they find different?
Why would they care?

Sadly, I became distracted and discouraged by the “other fish in the sea,” those people that were writing and blogging about the same topic.

It wasn’t until later that I began to understand that there will always be people doing the same thing.  Just like in any other field or line of work, whether it is, acting, singing, writing, etc., there is more than one person doing it.  However, what sets people apart as different or unique to their craft is, who they are and their personal experience.

And with that knowledge, that was it for me! I stopped looking at others who were writing on the same topic. Instead, I began focusing on sharing my personal experience about my son and my life. I no longer looked at others, allowing them to distract me.

And I hope you will do the same.

Don’t allow what other fish in the sea, to be a distraction.  Instead, keep moving forward, sharing “You” and “Your Personal Experience.” - -











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  1. 1

    Excellent advice. Definitely on point. Everyone experience is unique to them.
    I’ve been learning that through my Photography Blog. Of course I subscribe to other photographers blogs and it’s great to see their fantastic work. Some have received awards and special mention.
    Sometimes I think maybe my photos don’t have the gravitas but I always bring myself back to the pure joy of photography. The pleasure it brings me is my own reward and satisfaction. Now if one day I have my own photos show or am featured at a cultural institution I will be thrilled. In the meantime I beam with pride and joy when coworkers or folks on Instagram give me compliments. Their kind words affirm the gift and Love of photography my Dad Edward Palmer passed to me. His talent lives inside and is expressed through. I look upwards to Heaven and say Thanks Daddy.

  2. 5

    Thanks for writing this Charlene. I too had a moment a while back, then I listened to a Jada Pinkett-Smith interview where she said among other things “you have to make a space for yourself because that’s when people will reach for you.” I have not looked back.
    I’m happy to hear you found your focus.

  3. 7

    An encouraging post Charlene. Comparing our self to others is not only a distraction but also a trap set by the enemy of our soul. Blessings dear sister. I am so glad you have found your uniqueness!!

    • 8

      Thank you so much Lureta. You are so right! Comparison is truly a trap from the enemy. He want nothing more than for us to be unhappy with ourselves, which keeps our eyes off the Lord.????

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