Don’t Compare Your Journey to Others, But Look to Them for Inspiration

Don't Compare Your Journey to Others, But Look to them for Inspiration -
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When we look at where we are in our quest to reach our goals, at times it looks like we are so far away. And when we look at others and what they have already achieved, in comparison to what we have done, it starts to look scary. They seemed to have “made it.” They have traveled where we want to go and while we are very far behind. They have reached the finish line, while we are still home, getting dressed to make our way to the start line. For some of us, this maybe a discouragement, as we think we will never catch up and that it is too late and we might as well, stay home and not start.

This is the wrong type of thinking. We have to realize that each person’s journey and goal is different, none are the same. Some people may have started their road early. Some may have not had obstacles that prevented them from making the trip. Also, some people may have not had setbacks, that moved them off their course to their dreams.

Comparing our road to someone else’s is not good. It just stops us from moving in the direction we want to go. Instead, we need to use that person’s experience and journey to help us. Let it motivate and inspire. Why not talk to them and see what they did to make it? Glean from their experiences. Find out what they would have done differently or better on their road to their finish line. Ask them for valuable advice. Or seek a mentorship from them.

So start! Go after your goals and don’t worry about people who have reached the finished line. Just stay in your lane, and do what you have to do to reach the end toward the purpose that is for you.


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    As I near the end, past three score and ten, lol,
    I am convinced, that looking for, striving towards, being obsessed by, reaching some goal of, “purpose”, has robbed many of enjoying their everyday faith filled life with Jesus,

    I am also sure, that reaching the finish line having remained faithful in hard times, living the best you can, with what you have, and being a blessing to those in your circle of life, is as great to God as the highest profile ministries.

    Charlene, for your twenty, so far, years of love and faith, battling the trials and hurts for your son, you can rest assured Jesus will greet you with, ‘well done good and faithful servant’.
    Nate is one of the little ones ‘precious in his sight’ as the old Sunday school song says.

    God Bless, keep strong in your faith we serve a mighty God. 🙂

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