Don’t Be An Anti-Social Blogger

Don’t Be An Anti-Social Blogger
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Friends! How many of us have them in the blogging world?

Raise your hand!

If you can’t raise it…Hummm, there is a problem. You maybe what I consider, an “Anti-Social Blogger!”

I know that blogging is not considered a team effort, like sports. Not at all! When most of us write it is rarely in a collaborative effort. As we put our pen to the paper or we hammer away on our keyboard, it is usually done alone. We are by ourselves as we hash out our work – planning, revising, editing, and then publishing. Yet, after we have posted to our blog, we need to come from behind our lovely computers and socialize with our fellow brothers and sisters in the blogosphere.

“Why?” You ask.

Well, there are many reasons why bloggers should not be anti-social, but instead make themselves friendly and engage with others. Here are a few reasons:

1- To Gain Knowledge – When I first started blogging, I had very limited knowledge. Yes, I researched and read articles, which were helpful, however what made the biggest impact were the genuine interactions from other bloggers. One blogger, I met at a WordPress Conference, was very helpful. He shared how to construct a blog post, which I desperately needed at the time. Another blogger, send me a detailed message on how she increased her audience, engaged readers, and more. My engagement with them and many others have been extremely helpful in me becoming a better writer and blogger.

2-To Expand Your Horizon – One of my goals is to finish my book, Faith to Raise Nate, and speak to people about my faith in God to raise my child with special needs. Prior to blogging, I had never heard of a conference that helps bloggers and speakers.  After reading a social media post by a blogger, I messaged her about the conference. She explained how she makes the trip from her home country in Africa to attend. She also shared how helpful it has been to her ministry goals. After speaking to her, and doing further research, I decided that attending this conference will expand my horizon and help me with my future goals.

3- To Be Inspired By Other Blogs – Over the years, I have found that reading blog post is helpful. It inspires me.  There are times when I am reading a blog post, and the “writer bug” hits me and I began writing, blog post after blog post. As writers, we must not only write, but we must read as well. And what better way, other than reading a book, can we become inspired, by reading other blogs.

4- To Have Others Share Your Content – Reading other blogs allows you to share your content. I have met many bloggers that have specific times on their blog where they allow others to share their work. This may done in a post or a link-up. This is great, because it allows you to meet other bloggers and grow your audience of readers.

5- To Encourage and Help Others – One of my favorite parts about blogging is the emails or direct messages I receive. It makes me happy when someone ask me something about my blog. Not long ago, I received a few messages, inquiring about my images and theme. These are great opportunities to help someone and to give back to others.

In addition to sharing resources, I also enjoy encouraging other bloggers. I love when helping newbies in the blogging world, or those that are struggling and want to give up. It is nice to give an encouraging word, by telling them that someone in this world needs to read their words and to hear their story.

So, I hope my reasons have persuaded you to move from behind your laptop and stop being anti-social. Make it your goal to introduce yourself, and get to know your brothers and sisters in the blogging world. Trust me, when you start to build relationships with other bloggers, you will be happy that you did! - -








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    Margaret from soulfood101blog

    This is wonderful Charlene. I enjoy reading other blogs more than I really enjoy posting on my own. I didn’t see that happening in the beginning, and was afraid to comment because I felt like I who wanted to hear what I had to say. Then as I read more blogs, like yours, it inspired me to comment, and other bloggers were so friendly, and receptive. Great post! God Bless you :):)

  2. 4

    If I didn’t want to interact, I would just keep a diary. Instead, I get to correspond with a delightful group of people I would never have had the chance to meet. You included!

  3. 5

    I’m so antisocial outside of the internet/blogosphere that I immediately assumed this post was for me but I’m actually very proud to say I’m not antisocial blogger! If only I could translate that into my everyday life ????????????

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