Don’t Agree to Do Something, Then Complain About It

Don't Agree to Do Something, Then Complain About It - - -
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My neighbor went to China.

He told one of our neighbors that he was going.

That neighbor agreed to check his house, make sure his mail was away, and mow his lawn.

I thought to myself….”He’s such a good neighbor.”

Later, “The Good Neighbor” was mowing the lawn of the neighbor who went to China.

As I was placing mulch in my garden, he said to me, “I can’t wait until he comes back.” The look on his face showed that he was tired of being “The Good Neighbor” and having the responsibility of looking after his house, checking the mail, and mowing the lawn.

“Oh, he’ll be back soon.” I encouraged, as I heard him grumbling under his breath.

Later, it had me thinking…

“Don’t volunteer your help, if you are going to complain. Let someone else do the job in love, without grumbling. - -

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