Deaf-Blind Family Learning Conference 2015

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Nate and I are currently at the 2015 Deaf-Blind Family Learning Conference in Hershey, Pennsylvania. I am so happy to be here, as it is a weekend dedicated to parents who have children that are deaf and blind. I love the opportunities to meet other parents who share the same concerns and issues, locate resources, and just have fun. The first night was dedicated to the traditional meet and greet and family introduction. Everyone passed the microphone, introducing their family, explaining their child’s cause of deaf/blindness, challenges, and triumphs. It was wonderful hearing so many wonderful stories and sharing my own.

In an hour or so, the conference will resume and I am looking forward to the guest speaker, Kathie Snow, who is the author of numerous books on raising children with disabilities. I’m excited to learn more, so that I can help Nate.

Lastly, since we are in Hershey, of course they have bombarded us with chocolate. It’s hard to say “NO” to complimentary Hershey bars at check-in, Hershey Kisses on your bed, and huge cookies with big chunks of Hershey chocolate. Pray for me!!!! I love chocolate and this is not good! ????????????

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