Trusting God in Your Pain

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“Behavior Problems” with Nate have been apart of our life. I used to think it was embarrassing to share that my son hits, grabs, and scratches me. ┬áThe embarrassment and shame is gone, as I have learned it is a part of raising him. Which brings me to this morning and our early a.m. drive swimming. Nate is in the back seat and grabs my hair and won’t let go. All I can feel is the pain and the think about losing a section of my locs. After I remove his grip and stop the car, I turn around, refusing to go swimming. Yet, as I am driving in the direction of home, I can clearly hear God tell me to “take Nate swimming”. I’m angry, but obedient and turn around, as I can feel God calm me down and soothe me, which He has done so many times before. As I sit here, watching Nate jump around in the water, I’m reminding myself that he doesn’t understand his actions. He is mentally incapable of knowing that hurting me is wrong. And as I type, tears are flowing down my face, as I reiterate to myself that I must continue to rely on my Faith in God to Raise Nate. #IwillTRUST

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