All Children With Special Needs Are Not The Same

All Children with Special Needs are not the Same - - -
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All Children With Special Needs Are Not The Same

When Nate was younger, I would become annoyed by the persistence of others that my child could do more than he was doing. People thought that since they knew of a child with special needs, that could do what Nate could not, that it was possible for Nate to do the same.

The conversation went like this…

“You know Pam’s boy is like Nate, but he can walk and talk too. Maybe you should talk to her to see what she did. That can help Nate to talk and walk too.”


“Tom’s child, wasn’t talking and now he is talking. Nate can do the same thing. Give him a call to see what he did with his child.”

I would become aggravated, as I realized that I had to help these people understand that all children with special needs are not the same. They are different.

I had to share Nate’s diagnosis for people to understand. I began by explaining that although my son may have some of the same characteristics as another child, that doesn’t mean they are the same.

All special needs children are different.

There is no one-size-fits-all special needs child. (If that makes sense.)

Let me scream that out again.

All special needs children are different!

Every child does not have the same needs. They don’t go to the same doctor. They don’t receive the same therapy. Their educational plans are individualized because they are different. They don’t all have the same minds. Their attitudes are completely different.

Once again, they are different.  I think I have said that enough.

So please don’t assume that since one child has a high level of functioning, that all children are capable of doing the same. If you notice, God made us differently. So respect this before you push your beliefs off on a parent, telling them their child can do more. - -

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    That same comparison also plagues parents of “normal” kids. Did you know Susie can read and she is much younger than your son? My child plays the piano already, does yours? Etc. ad infinitum. What a waste to miss seeing the wondrous variation in God’s children.

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