Celebrating the Accomplishments of My Child With Special Needs, No Matter How Old He Is

Celebrating the Accomplishments of My Child With Special Needs, No Matter How Old He Is - Faithtoraisenate.com - CharleneBullard.com - Purposedrivencharlene.com
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Sometimes, I forget to celebrate Nate’s accomplishments. When he was younger, there were moments when I rejoiced, in every stride my son  made.  For instance, when Nate began walking, I shouted with happiness. When he first used American Sign Language (ASL) to tell me that he wanted “more” food, I jumped with joy that my son could communicate his needs. Then when he could finally go shopping without having a behavior incident, I must have thanked Jesus a million times while driving home.

Now that Nate is an adult, celebrating his accomplishments has become secondary. I have become lackadaisical, with spotting moments where I see growth and opportunities to celebrate him. Instead, I need to be more mindful of Nate’s growth and milestones, no matter how old he is.

So below, I have listed a few of Nate’s recent accomplishments.

First, I celebrate Nate’s accomplishment of walking a quarter of a mile. It may not seem like a far distance to many, however it is to me, because Nate didn’t start independently walking until he was about 5 years old.  Still today, he needs support when walking, as it is tiresome for him. When we walk around the neighborhood, a track, or even in the supermarket, which Nate despises, I know it is a struggle for him. Therefore, this is why his quarter of a mile, long distance walk, is a big deal to us, and worthy of celebration.

Next, I celebrate, Nate adjusting to his new residential home. For individuals that are deaf and blind, they need to acclimate to their new surroundings. It requires a lot of training and help. Yet, within a month, Nate has learned to navigate the house, going from the living room to the dining room, then to the bathroom and to his bedroom. It makes me smile that he has successfully adjusted to his, home away from home.

Lastly, I celebrate Nate getting out of the pool. Why am I celebrating Nate this? Well, for a several years, Nate needed help to be removed from the pool and he didn’t like it. There were times he would become angry, because he wanted to swim longer. He would lash out at me and have a tantrum. Nate would prefer to stay in the pool all day, however that is not an option.

Most recently, during a few of our swim days, when I have expressed to Nate that it is time to go, he has cooperated. He has immediately jumped out of the pool without an incident. Watching him lift himself up and out of the water, made my heart smile.

I hope to be more observant, looking for accomplishments in Nate’s life.  Celebrating him, no matter how old he is.

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