Bringing Family Together

Bringing Family Together
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This Resurrection Sunday, my family came together for dinner. I hosted the gathering in my small house, filling it with a little less than 20 people. We were all crammed in either the living room, dining room, or kitchen. Some watched old Sidney Poitier movies, brought by one of my uncles, the movie buff. While others sat or stood in the dining room or kitchen in fun conversations. All this was done, while filling our belly with ham, fried chicken, barbecue chicken, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, string beans, cheesecake, cookies, and more.

Although bringing family together, can be a lot of work, with cleaning and then cooking, it is worth seeing every person walk through the front door. I love the hugs that go around and holding hands in prayer to bless the food. I enjoy when everyone picks up their plate and walks down the long table, filling it with a variety of dishes, then eating as they compliment the deliciousness of the food.

As I walk around, tending to everyone’s needs, I enjoy the mixture of conversations. The smiles as people talk, catching up on each other’s life since the last family gathering, to the laughter and joking that spring from watching a movie or talking to the person next to you. It is beautiful.

My mother and uncles like to tell us, that “We don’t want to only come together at weddings, an illness, or a funeral.” So that is why these dinners are important.  It is a time to enjoy one another, and truly value the importance of family, and their existence in our life.



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    Family Gatherings are important. Gives you a chance to reconnect. I have many fond memories growing up for family get togethers.
    For us it was usually Thanksgiving, a birthday or another celebration.

    Now if I can get time off work I spend time with my brother Stephen. ♡
    Unfortunately I work most holidays so this is difficult. Hopefully one day if I live to retirement we can spend more time together.

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