Breathe Mom, You Will Be Fine, It’s Just Another Holiday!

Breathe Mom, You Will Be Fine, It’s Just Another Holiday!- - -
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Breathe Mom, You Will Be Fine,

It’s Just Another Holiday!

Holidays can be hectic, especially when you have children who are young. It can be overwhelming if you are hosting an event or if your family are guest.  Trust me, I’ve been on both sides of the coin. I have hosted barbecues and dinners, and I have been an attendee. In both situations it can be stressful for moms.

When my child was younger I had so many issues during events. I had to watch my son like a hawk, making it difficult to enjoy myself. There was also times when Nate would spill something, and I had to go to the host, apologetically for supplies to clean it up.  Also, Nate’s behavior was horrible and I sat feeling bad, wondering if people were judging me, thinking that I was a horrible mom.

So, I truly understand how the holidays may be stressful for some moms.

Well, on this holiday, I want to encourage us all. First, I want to refer you to a blog post that I wrote titled Helping Your Child With Special Needs Enjoy the Holidays.

And next I want to say…..

Breathe Mom - You Will Be Fine, It’s Just Another Holiday - Be Calm Poster - - -

YES! You will do just fine!

With much Understanding & Love, - -

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    In a way I’m glad I work most Holidays and that include Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. I know unless that holiday falls on my regular day off I will be at my job. I do feel sad not being able to see Stephen but in order to survive one must make sacrifices and I need that rent money so the workplace is in control not me. I used to be disappointed regarding not having family time with Stephen but it is best to Let Go of situations over which one has no control. Now it’s off to make the donuts!!

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      I understand. I had a part-time job and it required me to work on a holiday. I hated it, but knew it was required to make money for me and my son. I truly understand!! I do 🙂

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