Blog Traffic: A Lesson in Patience

Blog Traffic: A Lesson in Patience - - -
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Everyone wants traffic to their blog. We want it so bad, that we spend time searching the internet to read every article written about getting people to visit our blog.

Over the years, I have consumed my share of articles on how to bring traffic to my website. In those articles, I have learned that I need to create eye-catching titles that will make people read my article and perhaps read past articles and subscribe to my blog. I have learned to write content that is not too long and not too short in length. It has to be the right amount of words to cater to the sometimes, short attention span of readers. I have also learned about using keywords that allow for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so that my blog will rank high in search engines so people will visit my blog. And lastly, I have read about creating a free E-Book, sharing my post on social media, guest blogging, and commenting on other websites, all to have people click my name and direct them to my website.

Wow! That is a lot of information.

I will be honest, after I read dozens of those articles, I felt as if I read them all. Although they are good, most of them can be summarized the same, as they give matching tips for increasing traffic to a blog.

And I will be honest, I use the tips from the many articles I have read. I write for my audience.  I try my best to make sure my post are just the right length.  I create titles that will have people clicking and reading that article, and perhaps others. Here are a few:

Happy 100th Blog Post!! 7 Things I Learned While Blogging to My 100th Post

Resurrecting My Blog and Committing Myself to Blogging

5 Reasons Why I Decided to Blog!

I use the right keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I also make sure that I use social media to share my blog post. So, as you can see, I do follow the advice about bringing traffic to my blog.

However, in my frustration with having my blog receive more traffic, I have learned one lesson, I must have patience. Yes, patience, the act of waiting.

Blog traffic takes time. It is definitely not something that will happen overnight…..unless you are a celebrity or someone who people are searching. For “non-celebrities” or “non-public figures”, like myself and many others, blog traffic takes time.

In the time of waiting, it requires us to not become discouraged when we don’t see the numbers where they would like. It means not checking statistics every second of the day. It means not giving up and throwing in the towel, but continuing to write, posting to your blog, no matter how many people are reading.

Trust me, I had to learn that. I was anxious, annoyed, and angry, wondering if I would ever grow my blog traffic. And I must say, I have learned to be patient. I don’t check my statistics as much as I did in the beginning. I have also gotten over the fact that some days my traffic will not be as high as others. It is all right!

So, be patient. Keep writing, keep posting, and follow those tips to get traffic.  Trust me it will happen.

Just be patient! - -

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    Great post! As a new blogger, its easy to get discouraged and feel that no one is reading your blog. This is an awesome reminder that we should simply be patient.

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      Thank you for reading. I consider myself a fairly new blogger. Although I started in 2014, I wasn’t consistent until 2016. This year was when I felt led to blog 5 days a week. I will be honest, my traction is slow. I’m happy that people are even reading. That’s my post for tomorrow. We all need to be thankful for those that are reading our blog out of the millions of blogs in this world and be patient and most important, don’t give up.

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      Yes, I know you are going to give me an encouraging word. I tell you, the more I write, the more I know it is nothing, but God giving me the blog post and bring readers to my website. It has to be God, when there are millions of blogs in this world, and someone stops to see “little ole’ me.” 🙂

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    Patience is the most important thing when it comes to blogging. Blogging is not an overnight job. It requires dedication,

    patience, and hustle.

    You need to put content regularly and moreover, promote your content strategically. You’ll gain gradual traction to your


    If your blog is building slowly and consistently over time, it means you are on the path to long-term blogging success.

    Blogging is a crazy ride. Once you start up blogging, there’ll be no search traffic for you for 4 – 12 months. Then

    suddenly, you witness a surge in traffic to your blog.

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    it is so good to hear the truth. So many people want instant success and it is not possible. I went through this pain until iI realized that pain it was causing me was not worth it. One has a message or a story they want to share and it is difficult to accept that nobody is listening. The truth is they just need to find you and it will happen…I hope. I will work hard on my business project to help “voices” of people to be heard and shared….thanks again for your article

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