“Be Content Where You Are” Lessons I Learned Raising A Child With Special Needs

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Having a child at 19 years-old was not easy.  It was even more difficult receiving the news from the team of physicians that my son had a very rare congenital defect and he would require a lot of care.

During the years as I raised Nate, taking him to doctor’s appointments and educational meetings, there were many difficult times, that made me sit and think about my life. I would ponder where I was, as a feeling would take over me. It was a discontentment that I had “missed out” on opportunities in life, because I became a mother early.

I thought a lot of how I missed the experience of being a child myself.  After high school, I immediately became a mother, which made it impossible to pursue my dreams.

Going to college had to be placed on hold. I couldn’t go the “traditional” way, as I had desired, living on a college campus, as I had seen in movies and television shows. I thought about the lost opportunity to build relationships,  join different clubs, or have a life-long college community of friends, that would be my family forever.

I “missed out”, all because I was thrust into motherhood and there was no way to go back to living the life that I wanted.

The more I thought about it, I found myself in a state of discontent. I complained about my life being hard as I worked full-time, while going to school part-time, which seemed to take me forever.

Then one day as I looked over my life, and the many experiences that I had, I began to truly appreciate the direction that my life veered. The years of raising Nate, our life together, our own experiences, the friendships and bonds that were developed and forged.  Also the way I matured as mother and spiritually with my relationship with God.  It then became crystal clear….. I didn’t miss anything.

I didn’t go down the wrong path at all.  There was no mistake. This was the way my life was to go.

And I should always be content where I am.

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