Be Your Authentic Self – Not Someone Else

Be Your Authentic Self - Not Someone Else - - -
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Who are you?

Really, who are you?

This is a question, we need to propose to ourselves, if not daily or weekly, but often. We need to take time to self-analyze our attitudes, our beliefs, and our actions to make sure that they line up to what “WE” believe. We need to ask….

“Am I living authentically as possible?”

Becoming “who you are” is a life long journey. No one comes from the womb knowing who they are authentically. Everyone goes through a maturation and metamorphosis process.

As children, we all go through a time, when we try to discover who we are. We look for our identity among the personalities of our peers, television characters, and the music that we consume. We then try to imitate what we see.  We then go about “doing what others do” and “acting as others act.”

Hands raised! That was definitely me!

I remember that feeling of wanting to be like everyone else. I recall going to an amusement park with family and friends. Everyone jumped in line to get on the longest and tallest rollercoaster with happiness.  And there I was getting on the ride, when I knew that I “hate” (yes, hate) rollercoasters. Yet, I went along because everyone else was doing it and I didn’t want anyone to consider me a “scaredy cat” or “punk,” for not going on the ride. I went along just to be like everyone else.

It was the same with movies. I grew up in the 80’s and during that time there were a string of horror movies that were released in theaters. My siblings, cousins, and friends were excited. Horror movies scared me (and still do). However, I went along seeing those movies. For weeks I had bad dreams about the blood rushing down the steps in Amityville Horror. I also thought that Jason from Friday the 13th was going to attack me when I went away to camp in the woods of Pennsylvania. I was petrified, yet I went along because everyone else was seeing those movies.

Through my school years and into my early 20’s I continued to look for my identity. What do I like? Who should I be? How should I act? And sadly, there I was thinking that my attitude had to be like my friends or people who I viewed on television, what I heard in music, or read in the pages of books. It was a time of trying to find me and wanting to be something.

It wasn’t until my mid 20s and early 30’s, that I started the slow process of recognizing who I was, and accepting me. I realized that I didn’t want to emulate another person’s behavior. I began to love myself and the person God made.

Unfortunately today, there are a lot of people who do not have an idea of who they are. They don’t know their likes, dislikes, and beliefs, instead they are living a life that they see masqueraded on television and on social media. We live in a time when it is easy to pick through the array of personalities and act like that person or a mixture of those people.

I will say that there is nothing wrong with being inspired by others who are sharing things that are good. However, to take on a whole different persona, being something you are not, is wrong.

People want authenticity. They want to know who you are, not the person you are portraying. When you take on the personality of something or someone else, it will not last. That act can only go on for so long. The “real you,” will eventually be exposed, whether good or bad.

So find out who “YOU” are, and give people what they deserve, the “Authentic YOU”. - -

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    When I was a child I was timid and would cry at the drop of a hat. I was always getting beaten up in school and my last year of high school I got pushed or thrown down a flight of steps. Joining the Army helped me be tougher. As time progressed I got stronger except those years that I was with my Exe- That was a big mistake. After that I vowed that I would never allow another man to use and abuse me and I’ve kept my promise to myself. Well now being almost 60 I’m extremely outspoken, blunt with no filters. Once you show your true authentic self all the false/fake/phony people leave your circle right quick and in a hurry.

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    I think when we started referring to it as a “lifestyle” instead of a life, we lost a key notion that our life is not a fashion, subject to the prevailing winds of culture. God plants God’s self in us deeply and as we spend more time in prayer, I believe we become more clearly our true God-created selves.

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      You are so right. I think people need to look to God who created us to find out who they really are. It took salvation and a daily relationship with God to continue to reveal who I am. Only if we can all do that..and not look to others to locate who we are. 🙂

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    Margaret from soulfood101blog

    Absolutely Charlene. You are so correct too, someone can only put op appearances but for so long. The real “you” will come out, like you said. I use to want to fit in, run with the cool crowd when I was younger but once I got into my early 20’s I was working so much, those things didn’t matter, sleep mattered LOL. Now, I just want to be the person God wants me to be. I am happy with that 🙂

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