5 Traits Of A Wonderful Father Raising A Child With Special Needs

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Happy Father’s Day!

As Father’s Day approaches, I can’t help, but think of a number of men that I know who are raising and caring for children with special needs. From my son’s father to a few others, these men are wonderful dads, whom I admire for the way they care for their children.

And what do I respect about these men?

Number 1: They are special needs fathers who are actively involved in every area their child’s life. – At times it seems as if mothers have the bulk of the responsibility, when it comes to children with special needs, however these men contribute as well. They are involved in their child’s daily care, their medical decisions, and their educational planning. Each and every step of their child’s life they contribute.

Number 2: They are special needs fathers that are emotionally involved. – Raising a special needs child can be difficult as some children can have various emotional behaviors. When a father is emotionally involved, he is empathetic to his child’s needs. He listens, allowing them to express themselves, and he also helps to find a solution to the child’s concerns. These fathers want to understand his child and do what is needed to support them.

Number 3: They are special needs fathers that are financially supportive. – At times, raising a child with special needs can be a financial strain. There may be expenses that may not be required with a child without special needs. However, these fathers support their child financially, making sure they have all the resources that are needed.

Number 4: They are special needs fathers that are involved in planning their child’s future. Planning the future of a child with special needs is very important. It requires the input of both parents. These fathers are interested in their transition and participates in the planning and decision making of their child.

Number 5: They are special needs fathers that are involved beyond school age, into adulthood. – Staying involved after a child’s transition into adulthood is very important. Children with special needs will continue to need support. This father is a constant presence, as he knows the importance of being involved in his child’s life, well after transitioning into an adult program.

And as I look at these men, I am proud that they are raising their children. Who could better care for them? No one!

I am thankful that these children with special needs are being raised by such wonderful, loving, and kind fathers.

Happy Father’s Day!

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    Even though our Dad Edward G. Palmer has been deceased over 20 years Stephen and I still celebrate and honor him. Daddy went out of his way to support Mom and whenever he was not working he spent time with us. He took us on outings all over New York City and elsewhere so Mom could have a break. I remember Daddy taking us places and playing with us after a hard day on the job. Our Father was a good man. A Provider and a Protector. We Love and miss him dearly.

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    Yes, this is so true and we are parents of a special needs son who will be celebrating his 25th birthday next Friday and it takes a special man to raise a special needs son! Happy Father’s Day to your hubby!

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    I like fathers that remain supportive even when they are no longer with the mothers. You show that the father can continue to father even if separated from the mother.

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