5 Things Fears Does To A Life

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Six months ago, I stood in front of my Toastmaster club and I declared that my word for 2017 was going to be “KILL.” Yes, KILL!

I was not going to literally kill anyone or anything. No not at all! What I was going to kill were those things in my life that were no good for me.

Since that day, I have killed some debt, I have killed a toxic relationship that kept trying to come back, I have killed wasting time, and I have killed unorganized living. However, one of the most important things that I killed was – FEAR.

Fear is sometimes placed in an acronym to give a meaning of “False Evidence Appearing Real” or “Forgetting Everything is Alright.” This has been a major problem in my life. It has stopped me from pursuing my purpose and goals, especially my dream of writing for a living.

And as I have looked over my life for the past 6 months, I realized a few things that fear does to a person’s life.

1- FEAR tells us that we can’t do something – It is fear that places thoughts in our mind that our goals and dreams are unattainable. It causes us to grow weary, where we believe that we are insufficient to carry out our purpose.

2- Fear causes us to make excuses and create lies – When we are not doing something we usually make excuses or outright lie about why we are not doing it. Yet, the actual problem is fear. We are too ashamed to tell others that we are afraid and that fear is the real issue for us not pursuing our dreams and goals.

3 – Fear makes us lazy – Not going after our goals or purpose makes us lazy. We sit around, unproductive and unmotivated as days move quickly by and our purpose and goals go unfulfilled.

4- Fear makes us settle – When we allow fear to tell us we can’t do something, we eventually settle for less than we truly want. Sadly so many of us are in careers, relationships, debt, and more, because fear has made us settle for less than we know we could have achieved.

5- Fear stops us from reaching God’s best – When we settle, we don’t reach the best for our lives. Instead we receive something that is below standard of what we could have achieved. Sadly, if we would have killed fear and went after our purpose and dreams, we would have received God’s best.

So today, make the decision to stop allowing fear to take over your life. Kill it now…. and go after your purpose and dreams.

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    Eccentric Muse

    I agree with what Margaret said about fear being a trick of the devil and with what you said about us having God. Once we allow fear manifest in us we would be afraid to live life to the fullest. Great post!

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