3 Ways To Be Intentional About Thanking God

3 Ways to Be Intentional About Thanking God - charlenewrites.com, charlenebullard.com, purposedrivencharlene.com
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Last year I wrote a short blog post titled, “Being Thankful Always.” In the post, I shared how I needed to be intentional about thanking God every day. However, since that post, I will admit that I have found that task to be quite difficult.

For me, setting aside time to thank God hasn’t been easy. Family and work obligations consume me and my writing goals take over, as well as all the other mundane responsibilities of life. Things can be overwhelming to say the least. So, I have realized that I must find ways to help myself to be more intentional in thanking God.

So here are some things that I am trying…

1- Create a thankful/gratitude journal – Thankful journals are not new. I actually learned of this during an old episode of a talk show. A young woman started a daily “Gratitude Journal,” where she recorded reasons she was grateful in her daily life.

As someone who loves writing, for me this is a great idea. Just sitting down to write, is a wonderful feeling that allows the brain to unload. It is refreshing and cathartic to just remember what God has done for me in that day and throughout my life. The things I don’t acknowledge and sometimes forget. Sitting quietly with my journal helps me to truly see why I need to thank The Lord.

2- Make a thankful music list – There are so many songs that express praise and thanks to God. Creating a play list of songs from various artist, helps to stir my heart. As I sing along, raising my hands in a show of love and adoration, I am reminded of who God is and the importance of taking time to praise Him and give Him thanks.

3- Schedule time to thank God – I have learned that there is nothing wrong with scheduling time with God. We like to think that it should happen naturally, however it doesn’t. As I stated above, we become busy with life and praying and thanking God takes a backseat. So, I have realized that I needed to have a set time. Since I use my alarm clock on my phone for a number of things, from waking up, starting task, and for appointments and meetings. Why not use it to make time to thank God? This is a simple task that I can schedule to complete for 5 minutes or more during the day. It is a perfect way to stop whatever I am doing to just think about everything that has occurred in that day or in my life and say, “Thank you God.”

Setting time to thank God is not easy. However, if we are intentional and put forth the effort, it will become a natural part of our day and our life.

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