3 Reasons I Failed At Blogging

3 Reasons I failed at blogging
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Having a blog can be wonderful experience for some. Especially, for those that love to write and share their beautiful work with the world. However, for others a blog can be a very daunting pursuit that no matter how much one tries, failure awaits every single time.

I explained in a previous post how I attempted my hand at blogging four times. Before each blogging endeavor, I found myself, happy and excited that I was going to write, giving me a voice in a large world. However, after a few short posts within a month of starting, my blogging ventures had busted before they had a chance to get their feet off the ground and running. I was sadly disappointed.

In my dismay, I began to think about why I was not having any success, as a blogger. Besides my lack of commitment, I needed to know why my blogs didn’t have a long shelf life and were spoiling quickly. This was when I learned the three reasons that I failed as a blogger.

1- I lacked confidence. I had very little trust in my abilities to write, which led me to believe that I could not be a good blogger. Although I spent time writing, I wasn’t convinced that my writing was good. After extensive proofreading, I would become frustrated that my post did not look, sound, or feel like a blog post should. I told myself that it wasn’t of the same caliber of those blogs that I would read. So slowly the lack of confidence led me down the path of the next reason that my blog failed, wasting time.

2- I wasted time. The squandering of time came when the lack of confidence in my writing caused a feeling of restlessness. During my dedicated three hours of writing and editing, the feelings of doubt would appear, causing me to feel antsy. I would then sit aimlessly, tapping my pencil, spinning around in my desk chair, raiding the kitchen cabinets for a snack, then checking my emails and text messages. Soon after, I would do one of the worst things that any writer can do…..I went on social media. That was it! My three hours of writing was more like 45 minutes or less, of wasted time, leading me to my last reason why I stopped blogging……I stopped writing.

3- I stopped writing. With the lack of confidence and the wasted time, I was not longer inspired to write. I had no energy or strength to pick up my paper and pen or computer to place words down. After a while, my writing utensils sat collecting dust, as my blog blog went unattended for months and even years.

I had officially failed as a blogger.

Learning these reasons for my failure has helped me tremendously. I have not only committed myself to blogging, however, I have committed myself to no longer failing as a blogger. I am no longer wasting time, I am writing, and the more I write the more I am building my confidence, on my road to being successful at blogging.


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