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For me, writing is more than a hobby. It is a passion that I have loved since I was a child. When I am writing, words flow beautifully from my mind, to my paper or computer in such a rhythmic fashion that words can’t describe. It is a wonderful gift that I, truly believe is beyond my understanding.

However, although writing is natural for me, there are times that other things, “within me”, that are beyond my control, interfere with my process. Things like discouragement, distractions, lack of discipline, and fear of sharing my work. In the past, when these feelings would overtake me, I found myself depressed, unable to write, causing me to put my work down, for days, weeks, and even months.

So to help me overcome my problem and write, I began praying. Yes, praying! It may sound odd to some people, but if you haven’t heard…

Prayer works!

So here is what I pray….

1- “God, discipline me” – Writing requires discipline. It is not something that you can do sporadically. It is important to take a part of your day and simply write. Many well-known writers attest their success to writing daily. We must pray for discipline to set a time in our day, to write daily.

2- “God, teach me how to focus” – Focusing can be an issue for many. Our mind can go into overload, thinking about family, friends, work, money, and all of life’s other concerns. We need to pray to focus on our writing in the moment, so that we can reach our goals.

3- “God, remove distractions” – distractions are all around us and many of us struggle with them. So many things divide and take our attention away from writing, such as the television, the internet, and social media. All these things can delay our writing, making it impossible to complete that book that we believe is meant for us to write. We must pray for our distractions to be eliminated to focus on our writing.

4 – “God, increase my knowledge” – All writers must have knowledge about their subject. It is important that you know what you are writing about, whether you are writing in the form of non-fiction or fiction. We must pray that our writing is accurately researched and presented well for the reader.

5- “God, bless me with my writer’s voice” – A writer’s voice is the author’s personality and style in their writing. This is usually developed over time of writing. Sometimes it takes a while to know what it is and to allow it to flow. We all want our own voice and not the voice of what we’ve copied from other writers. We need to pray for our own authentic writing voice, to show for our readers.

6- “God, teach me the mechanics of writing” – Yes, in elementary school we should have learned the mechanics of writing, however, some may have forgotten. This is understandable. However, there are wonderful resources available in libraries or book stores to help us refresh or refine our writing skills. We need to constantly pray that every word, sentence, and paragraph is written with clarity, for the reader to understand.

7- “God, help me to share my writing” – Sharing one’s writing is important. I have shared in the past, how I was fearful of sharing my work. I prayed and God answered, because I started a blog, overcoming my fear of sharing my work. We all need to pray that our fear and shyness will be removed so that we can share our work with others.

8- “God, help me to not be discouraged” – We all have felt discouraged by the process of writing. Perhaps we became unsure of ourselves when we realized the length of time it takes to write a book. Or maybe hearing feedback about our work and not receiving the response that we would have liked. Discouragement can make us pack up our writing materials and throw them in the trash, deciding that writing is not for us. We need to constantly pray that no matter where we are in the writing process that we will not lose confidence.

9 – “God, teach me how to encourage myself” – The ability to encourage oneself is important. When a writer begins to feel discouraged the best way to kill it, is with encouragement. You can do this by praying, meditating, or allowing yourself to remember the very reasons why you began writing. We must pray that we will have the strength to help encourage ourselves when we feel our confidence is dwindling.

10 – “God, bless me with published books to share with the world” – Yes!! I saved this one for last. I believe that every writer spends countless hours writing, because their end desire is to have their work published. We want our work to be placed in a hardback or paperback cover for the world to read. There is nothing wrong with praying for this to happen. We need to pray that God will bless us with great editors, an agent (if he so desires), a publishing company, the ability to market our work, and all the  many other resources we need to get our book out to the world.

So, when you are in a “not so good place” in your writing process, Pray….because again…if you haven’t heard…..Prayer works!

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    Eccentric Muse

    I love this, Charlene! As a writer I can relate. When I get distracted, I call upon God to help me to focus.

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